Growing up, my mom would always have a new craft for us to do, a new adventure to go on, or a crazy holiday tradition (we used to have green pancakes and green milk on St. Patrick's Day!). So I don't think it's a surprise that I grew up to be crafty. Over the years I've dabbled in all sorts of crafts just to see if I can do it (you could say I'm a "serial crafter"), yet I always go back to knitting and crochet. One day I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole watching yarn dyeing tutorials and decided to give it a try. The moment I pulled that first skein from the pot I was hooked. It was thrilling to see colour come to life on that yarn and my mind went wild imagining the possibilities of what else I could do.

From there I invested in basic dyer's equipment, placed my first wholesale order for yarn, and chose a business name. Skeins were dyed, a logo designed, and with a lot of work during nap time, this business of mine was off the ground. 

Hearts and Crafts is based out of my home in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. It's our forever home where I live with my husband Rich and our two daughters Rowan and Blair. It's a cozy place where I get to make beautiful things. I even have a room dedicated to crafting! (Well, technically it's a desk in the corner of the playroom, but I think of it more as a craft room.) 

I love building a community of likeminded people around something I'm so passionate about. That passion inspired our name - Hearts and Crafts - because crafting is really so much more than the materials that are used. It's a passion that runs deep, hours of time and energy, creativity, and a few curse words from time-to-time. Crafting is a part of your heart. 

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I'm the one behind Hearts and Crafts. Lover of all crafts, addicted to everything Disney, and I hate running. You can either find me in my dye studio or wading through a mountain of laundry depending on the day.

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

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